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Best commercial single serve coffee maker for office coffee bar

If you search for the best commercial single serve coffee makers without a certain budget and without being clear about the requirements you want it to meet. You may end up overwhelmed by a large number of existing options.

For this reason, we have selected the best commercial single serve coffee makers available on the market in 2023. Of course, we have only included machines from the best brands so that you can offer your customers the best coffee.

There are many best commercial single serve espresso machines to choose from. Depending on your needs, you’ll choose the espresso machine. Your employees’ preferences might help you decide which option is best for your office. Below we will analyze all the coffee machines that we have presented in our selection of coffee pots.

Commercial single serve espresso machines are becoming increasingly popular among hardcore coffee drinkers at the office. This is due to the fact that coffee lovers are increasingly interested in learning about this popular drink. Are therefore much more demanding when it comes to preparing and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Coffee is a vital ingredient in daily life for many of us. While the trusty old Commercial coffee maker has always given you that little boost of energy to get you going each morning. We know you’re looking for new options and experiences to savor in a new way.

A commercial single serve coffee maker may be what you are looking for. But what should I look for when comparing models? Which is the best according to my needs? How to choose the best one that suits my budget? Well, we will help you solve all these doubts so that you can buy your espresso machine with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Which is the Best commercial single serve coffee maker to buy?

We know that there are currently a number of different types, models, and brands of commercial single serve coffee makers. All with a number of unique features and functionalities that can overwhelm anyone. especially the most amateurs or beginners who are entering the world of coffee.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado wanting to your commercial single serve coffee maker at the office. a keen barista looking to hone their techniques. Or someone interested in starting a specialty coffee shop, it’s essential to choose the right espresso machine.

We are not saying that there are worse quality espresso machines because they are cheaper, or better ones. After all, they are expensive. Manufacturers always strive to provide the best product with the best possible quality and at the best price.

But you must understand that all commercial single serve coffee makers are manufactured with specific characteristics for a certain use. Don’t expect to buy the cheapest one, and expect it to brew 100 cups per hour.

For this reason, at Greenkichen we invite you to read our article to which. We have dedicated all the knowledge and passion of a true coffee lover. so that you may select the one that best meets your requirements and financial situation.

All commercial single serve coffee makers fulfill some basic functions: heat the water, measure the appropriate temperature, and generate steam pressure. And finally, control the correct amount of coffee for extraction.


Your results will not be the same with all models. In other words, in today’s market, you will find models of commercial single serve coffee makers that are designed to perform differently.

That is why, when deciding which espresso machine to buy, you should stop and ask yourself. What will be the context in which you are going to use it? In this way, you will have the investment that you are going to make guaranteed. Since acquiring a product with these characteristics is a matter to take it easy.

In such a way that you are a coffee lover and you like to enjoy it to the maximum from the comfort of your office. If you want to venture into the world of baristas or start your coffee shop. We want you to make the best decision either to enjoy a wonderful espresso at the office. Or to start your new and successful business.

Buy commercial single serve coffee maker for small business

The key to any coffee shop is, of course, the acquisition of the commercial single serve coffee maker. That is why we will give you a series of recommendations so that you can make the best purchase decision before starting your new business.

The first thing you should take into account is to make sure that the espresso machine is of an industrial, commercial, or semi-commercial type. Never choose to buy a home espresso machine for a business, No matter how small it may be. These commercial single serve coffee makers are not made to withstand prolonged workloads.

On the other hand, we recommend that you design the concept of your cafeteria based on the menu of types of coffee that you are going to offer. Marketing studies agree that the most successful coffee shops are those where the owners have placed special emphasis on the preparation, quality, and variety of coffee.

In today’s market you will find a wide variety of brands and models and our goal is to help you choose the one that best suits your business.

The budget plays a role of great importance when choosing your commercial single serve espresso machine. On the other hand, you should also consider that according to the price, you will obtain a series of advantages in terms of the design and technology of the machine.

For this reason, in this highly competitive market, you will find as many machine brands as existing models. From famous and classic Italian brands to Spanish, German, American, and many other manufacturers. No matter how sophisticated or how simple the espresso machine you decide to buy is. what you should consider is that this commercial single serve coffee maker has:

  • A powerful and good-quality boiler.
  • That you can work the extraction of the coffee and the vaporization of the milk simultaneously.
  • That supports long days of use, depending on the size of the cafeteria.
  • Number of cups they can prepare.
  • Energy consumption and systems for continuous water integration.

That is why in the market you can find industrial machines designed to prepare many cups of coffee in a short time. This type of machine is ideal for restaurants where the influx of customers is high.

On the other hand, you also have the option of more semi-commercial versions. Where the coffee production is less than 200 cups of espresso coffee per hour. They are a good option for a small cafeteria.

Top 4 commercial single serve coffee makers for bar or office

Professional Espresso Machine Bezzera Magica


  • Heat exchanger boiler
  • Boiler size 2 liters
  • Water tank size 4 liters
  • 58mm filter holder

We could not expect more from the great company Bezzera, with almost 100 years of experience in the coffee machine industry, and parents of delicious commercial single serve coffee maker, now they bring to our hands the semi-automatic Bezzera Magica E61, a coffee maker that shares the best of two worlds, the elegance and quality of the past with the efficiency and pressure of the future.

This espresso machine is the mother of the E61 group, one of the best on the market. Within its elegant design are a complex thermosiphon system, a 4-liter water container, a Joystick lever, and a 2-liter copper water boiler.

In addition, it has two integrated pressure gauges. The first allows you to see the boiler pressure, something very standard in most commercial machines. While the second is a pressure indicator while the ideal coffee is extracted to be able to control the quality of your espresso.

Its compact stainless steel design makes it a beautiful machine and gives off a brilliant look that will suit your coffee shop. On the other hand, the drawback of this design is that it is quite small, so you should watch the water level of this coffee maker, although if it is a small business you should not have many problems.


  • Light and compact for small shops or cafeterias
  • Beautiful stainless steel external body
  • Consistent and fast when micro-foaming
  • Impeccable temperature stability


  • It remains small for large establishments
  • Instructions only in German

Máquina Espresso Semi Profesional Nuova Simonelli Musica

Máquina Espresso Semi Profesional Nuova Simonelli Musica


  • Total capacity of the boiler of 2 liters
  • Capacity of up to 70 cups a day
  • Heat exchanger boiler
  • Volumetric dosage with three buttons

If you are looking for a reliable and recognized brand in the world of commercial single serve coffee makers, the Nuova Simonelli Musica model is a coffee maker that you should consider. This version is a semi-automatic semi- commercial single serve coffee maker which I recommend if you have a small or medium-sized specialty coffee shop.

This is an incredibly beautiful semi-automatic machine, made of polished metal ready to shine on any bar. It also has a small body design which makes it adaptable to small spaces, and despite its size, La Nuova Simonelli has interesting features.

Will you wonder why we trust this machine so much for your business? Although you should invest in a coffee grinder since it does not have an integrated one, this machine has a programmable function for single, double, or continuous espresso.

On the other hand, it has a button for a hot water dispenser, ideal for American coffee or infusions. You will also be able to work quickly with your cappuccinos and lattes without any setbacks .
Although we have said that it is a compact machine, it can prepare approximately 60 cups a day, which makes it ideal for a small store. The Nuova Simonelli is a luxurious machine that combines beauty and functionality.


  • Very efficient coffee extraction
  • Digital menu to facilitate customization of functions
  • High quality and durable material, all covered in metal
  • Competitive price among its competitors


  • For small cafes only
  • You require barista skills to handle it

Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Commercial single serve coffee maker

Espresso Machine Bezzera Magica Bezzera Magica E61


  • Total capacity of 1.8 liters
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Grinder Conical steel
  • Grain container 2 x 135gr
  • Ground coffee Yes
  • Variety of drinks 21
  • User profiles 8
  • Milk tank 500ml

If you have a budget and want to have the best of the best, this Melitta coffee maker should be your choice. The Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart is considered the Ferrari of professional coffee machines for the home.

As its name suggests, it is designed to bring the virtues and skills of a professional barista closer to home. Within the endless number of benefits that it presents, there are three that distinguish it greatly from any competitor.

One is the integration of two coffee tanks with which you can use two different types of beans. The other is its extensive recipe book with 21 different specialties and 8 user profiles. And thirdly, the Bluetooth connectivity to be able to manage it from the phone.

Conclusion: A machine with maximum score. Few models are above this Melitta. Of course, its price is in line with its benefits.


  • Having the option to utilize two distinct sorts of coffee
  • Wide variety of recipes and user profiles
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • To put some but, its price.
  • It is not characterized by being a compact model

Best value for money commercial single serve coffee makers

Philips Senseo Quadrant Coffee maker HD7866/21R1

Philips Senseo Quadrant Coffee maker


  • Capacity 1.2 liters (8 coffees)
  • Plastic material
  • System Capsules
  • Coffee format Senseo pods
  • Descaling notice Yes

A daring and daring design with large capacities gives way to the ideal commercial single serve coffee maker for those who are inclined towards innovation and high performance. With an innovative cube-shaped design, the Senseo Quadrante is presented. This attractive and unique aspect makes it stand out from the rest of the models in the Senseo line.

Its benefits are not far behind, the capacity of the water tank is one of the largest for capsule systems. In addition, it has Booster technology and Cream Plus function to make the most of the flavor notes of the Senseo single-dose.

Perhaps, due to its size, it is not the most suitable for those with reduced space, but come on, the combination of design and functionality is in line with its performance and fair price.


  • Large capacity of the water tank
  • Bold and innovative design
  • Selection of two coffee intensities


  • It is not one of the most compact models
  • Senseo would market a greater variety of drinks

Guide on how to choose a commercial single serve coffee maker

choose a commercial single serve coffee maker

Remember that the choice of your commercial single serve coffee maker will not only depend on its price. But you must also make your decision based on your experience and the type of use you are going to give it. Therefore, it will not be the same to buy an espresso machine for personal use than to buy one for your coffee shop.

For this reason, before choosing your commercial single serve coffee maker, I think you should start by asking yourself the following questions :

  • What do you want to do with your espresso machine? We mean what use are you going to give it, do you need it for your home, or are you thinking of opening a specialty cafeteria?
  • What is your experience? that is, how much knowledge do you have, and to what extent do you want to know about coffee and the espresso machine.
  • How much are you willing to invest? The price is undoubtedly the first factor to consider, how much are you willing to spend to get a good espresso? You don’t always need the most expensive coffee maker to get the ones you’re looking for.

It is very important to reflect on the use that you are going to give to your coffee maker, to buy with good judgment the perfect espresso machine for you. Other more technical aspects to consider would be:

The installation space. You must be aware of the size of the machine and also of the place where you are going to place it. Many times this is overlooked and you end up with a coffee maker that more than helps, it gets in the way.

How good are you at using an espresso machine?

There are enthusiastic coffee drinkers who love to be in control of the entire process and enjoy the ritual of preparing their own coffee. On the other hand, we have coffee fanatics who want to take the complexity out of making an espresso or cappuccino with the push of a button, so be sure to buy an automatic coffee maker with easy-to-understand controls and menus.

Who will be the consumer (you and your family, your colleagues, paying customers)? Knowing this, you can consider the size of the commercial single serve coffee maker, the water capacity, and the power. If it is for domestic use, it is possible to choose a standard-size one, for an office you may need a greater capacity for water and coffee beans, and for a cafeteria, you should undoubtedly opt for one for commercial use with greater power.

You will prepare coffee based on coffee. Without a doubt, what differentiates a conventional filter coffee maker from a commercial single serve coffee maker is the variety of drinks that you can create. If you are a lover of cappuccino, latte, and mocha coffee, you should consider factors such as the type of boiler, temperature stability, and pressure, such as whether you can prepare an espresso and heat milk simultaneously.

It is also necessary that, before buying an commercial single serve coffee maker, you know the models and variations that exist, their capacities, how each of them works, and how each type of espresso machine differs from the others.

This is so because each model of machine and its way of preparing the espresso can be better adapted to the lifestyle you lead and the purpose you are going to give it.